I tell my friends this is a way to organize your free will, to add horsepower to your goals and dreams. I have improved my professional standing two-fold.


As a senior level manager, I use this material literally every day. Everything is so much smoother. I’m not making mistakes I used to make.


Without a doubt one of the best investments I ever made. Do yourself a serious favor. This opens a whole new world.


I wish I had learned this stuff a long time ago. It has changed my life so much. This should be taught in High School if not before.


The revelations in this program changed my life completely, my home life, my work life, and my relationship with myself.


Mark Russo’s teachings helped me break the chains of a stagnating job and believe in myself. I am now a leader in my field.


I was exposed to Mark Russo’s material over 15 years ago and it immediately helped me to understand why I felt and thought the way I did, and more importantly, the tools and material made so much sense. They’re practical, straightforward and immediately applicable to everything. These are tools you can go back to again and again as you grow. The course work and practices continue to enhance and inform all of my experiences.

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