Conscious Life Creation


When people hear the term mind science they often assume there is a mysticism and other worldliness about the principles and skills employed. Such is the case with what I believe to be the core principle of human happiness — sanmitsu (sahn-meet-tsu). At the crux of sanmitsu, is the notion that we all have the power to shape our own reality through three things: our thoughts, our speech, and our actions. Sounds simple, right?

Through the “Conscious Life Creation Program” course, you’ll learn the true power of practicing sanmitsu to enhance all elements of your life experience. In the course, we’ll discuss both the psychological factors that drive the decisions we make and emotions we carry, as well as real, repeatable strategies to reshape your reality into the life you want to live.

You’ll learn:

This model is one I have been practicing and improving for more than 30 years, and one I have taught to thousands of students throughout my lifetime. Students who I’m now happy to report have used these tools to repair relationships, build better businesses, overhaul their health, or simply become happier, more confident versions of themselves.

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